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The Large Hadron Collider

The new LHC particle accelerator in Geneva is operating at 480 bunches per beam. A bunch is about a hundred billion protons, each one carrying the energy of about a mosquito in flight. When put together, 480 of these bunches have the energy of a 20,000 ton aircraft carrier going at 3 knots. When the … Continue reading »

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Classifying Stars – Luminosity, Brightness, Temperature, and Color

A few days ago, we talked briefly about how stars are made. But no two stars are identical: they can vary in size, internal pressure, temperature, composition, age, mass, mass loss, density, spectra, brightness, and luminosity. Today we’ll talk about some of their visual characteristics. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about their types, and how these two … Continue reading »

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A Star is Born

We see them twinkle at night, we make odd shapes out of them, and one of them is a major component of our daily lives as members of a race and components of a complex ecosystem. But what is it, and how did it come to be? The Interstellar Medium When we look into space … Continue reading »

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Entropy: the Mathematical Description of Inevitable Disorder

Today, I shall talk about one of the most interesting aspects of thermodynamic law: the concept of entropy. Entropy is simply a measure of the energy in a system that is not available to perform useful work. It is the reason why machines are not considered completely efficient. For example, entropy in your body is all … Continue reading »

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Women in Science

Before we can set our eyes on the stars and truly appreciate their wonder, perhaps we should get better at recognizing some of the amazing accomplishments that have happened right at our doorstep by none other than the female scientist. For many centuries scientific or academic circles did not allow women to become members . … Continue reading »

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All it Takes is One Mind

I posted this on Facebook a few days ago, but I really wanted it to be my first blog post. Einstein formulated the general theory of relativity in 1916. It made predictions that he didn’t live to witness proven: Gravitational deflection of light by a massive body (gravitational lensing) Perihelion shift of Mercury’s orbit The … Continue reading »

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